Image of Bob the Builder constructed from canned food items at a Canstruction event.


Canstruction® is a competition that consists of the design and construction of sculptures made entirely of canned food items. Teams develop a design and construct the sculpture. All sculptures are judged and winners selected for various categories.

Image of the cans awaiting to be distributed at Project SHARE.


Our purpose is to ensure that no Central Pennsylvanian goes hungry. All the canned food used to create the sculptures is donated to Project SHARE in Carlisle, PA. Project SHARE then distributes the food to local food banks and pantries in the surrounding counties.

Image of the Keystone Building in Harrisburg, PA.

When & Where?

This year's event will take place from April 22-29, 2016 at the Capital City Mall located in Camp Hill, PA. We hope you are able to come and help support our teams as they work extremely hard to help put a stop to hunger.

Hear All About It! Canstruction® in the news!

Jill Horner speaks with Elaine Livas, Executive Director and Founder, Project SHARE about its “Canstruction” event where local teams build visible representations of hunger, scheduled for April 22-29, 2016 at the Capital City Mall. Video courtesy of Comcast Newsmakers.

Amy Kehm speaks with Elaine Livas about Project SHARE and their involvemnt with Canstruction® - Central PA. They discuss the event and its commitment to ending hunger by designing and constructing sculptures made entirely of canned food items.Video courtesy of ABC27 Good Day PA!.

A time lapse video from this year's Canstruction® - Central PA event. Video courtesy of Michael Baker International.

Consider Donating! There are many ways to help this great cause!

Please consider donating to this year's Canstruction® event. It takes large amounts of people, canned food items and time to put together a successful event. There are many ways you can donate...

  • A monetary gift
  • Canned food items
  • Your personal time

For more information on the different ways to donate and who to contact, please visit our Contact Us page!

Logos for the Oraganizations Sponsoring Canstruction - Central PA.